Dog Lodging

At Queen of the Valley Farm, we promise your dog will have a fun filled and comfortable stay with us! We are a small exclusive facility, so our guests get lots of attention!

Our Suites

Our overnight suites can accommodate up to 30 quests. Our suites are either 4 by 10 or 5 by 10 for small guests and 6 by 10 or 8 by 10 for large guests or multifamily siblings. Each suite has a corresponding outside patio for sunning in good weather. Our guests all get a raised platform Kuranda Pet Bed with a fleecy blanket and feel free to send along a favorite blanket from home if you wish.

Feeding Instructions

We feed and recommend Fromm’s Pet Foods. Your pet will enjoy Fromm’s Adult Gold dry formula and Fromm’s canned chicken formula. You may also pack your pet’s food in individual serving bags for each meal if you prefer. We have a microwave and refrigeration for your convenience. There is no additional charge for which ever food plan you choose. We generally serve breakfast at 8:00 a.m. and dinner at 5:00 p.m. If your dog has a different schedule we are happy to accommodate whatever your normal scheduled feeding time.


Please send along all supplements and medications. We will dispense your pet’s meds as instructed. We are trained to give insulin for diabetic dogs. Please include enough syringes. There is no charge to administer medications.

What to Bring

Leash, collar, shot records, food if you choose not to use ours, medications and any favorite toys, beds or treats. We have everything here but if Fluffy just can’t do without something please feel free to bring it! We want your pet to have a happy, happy stay!!!

Playtime Activities

At Queen of the Valley Farm, we offer an all-inclusive playtime schedule as well as some optional pampering services. Your pup will have two group playtimes and an individual pampering session. Whether your doggie is out playing in one of our four spacious yards or on a walk in the woods on our 32 acre paradise, they are sure to have a wonderful time!

Read more about our playtime activities on our Playcare/Daycare page.

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